Artists' Retreat

The Australia India Institute held its first Artists’ Retreat in 2011 at Lindenderry Estate in Red Hill, Victoria, Australia. The Retreat brought together some of India and Australia’s best known artists who showcased their creative talent, interacted with students, community and peers and built a partnership between artists in India and Australia. The Artists' Retreat provided the opportunity for Indian and Australian artists to interact to produce a dynamic and creative atmosphere which resulted in some outstanding work which not only benefited the cultural and artistic community, but also facilitated positive Australian – Indian interaction. An amazing body of work was produced by the artists and it was decided that this event should definitely not be the last of its kind. 

The next Artists' Retreat will be held in Jaipur in 2013, see the Jaipur page for details, or view the artwork pruduced in 2011, now part of the Institute's collection.