Jaipur 2013

In keeping with the Australia India Institute’s mission to engender greater interaction between Australia and India, the Australia India Institute conducted a 10-day retreat involving artists from India and Australia. The purpose of the retreat was to foster and intensify dialogue between Australian and Indian artists in the context of globalisation and to investigate ways in which tradition, media and materials may be mobilised in dealing with challenges and possibilities of cross-cultural dialogue. The idea of the retreat was based on the academic model of a colloquium of experts; in this case practicing artists with an interest in texts of various kinds, and/or artists whose work is of relevance to issues of globalisation.

The second Artists' Retreat, held in Jaipur in January 2013 has built upon the success of the first Artists' Retreat in Red Hill, 2011 by promoting understanding between two cultural and artistic groups,  facilitating future individual collaboration and a request for an exciting exhibition for all 20 artists. The Institute will produce a publication which highlights the research and discussions that came out of the curated sessions during the retreat.

The following artists participated in the Jaipur 2013 Retreat:

Indian Artists

Desmond Lazaro

Veer Munshi

Pushpamala N

Manisha Parekh

Justin Ponmany

Prajakta Potnis

Mithu Sen

Gulammohammed Sheikh

Gigi Scaria

Parvathi Nayar

Australian Artists

Lyndell Brown

Jon Cattapan

Kate Daw

Charles Green

Fiona Hall

Lynne Roberts-Goodwin

Hossein Valamanesh

Angela Valamanesh

Savanhdary Vongpoothorn

Curatorial Advisor

Chaitanya Sambrani