Red Hill 2011

The Australia India Institute held its first Artists’ Retreat from 20 - 29 November 2011 at Lindenderry Estate in Red Hill, Victoria, Australia.

The retreat was held over 10 days and brought together some of India and Australia’s best known artists who showcased their creative talent, interacted with students, community and peers and built a partnership between artists in India and Australia. During their stay the artists produced works of art which they kindly donated to the Australia India Institute. The Indian artists included:

Gargi Raina
Murali Cheeroth
Amitava Das
Mona Rai
Mithu Sen
Veer Munshi
Mandira Chatterjee
Manisha Parekh
Bikram Singh
Annapurna Garimella

Australian artists also worked with Indian artists to produce a large communal mural. As with the Indian artists, the work produced by Australian artists was generously donated to the Institute and is housed permanently at the Institute’s premises in Melbourne.

The Australian artists included:

Jon Cattapan   
Emily Floyd  
Charles Green    
Lyndell Green   
Katherine Hattam    
Victoria Lynn
Rob McHaffie
John Meade

The Artists' Retreat provided the opportunity for Indian and Australian artists to interact to produce a dynamic and creative atmosphere which resulted in some outstanding work which not only benefited the cultural and artistic community, but also facilitated positive Australian Indian interaction.

Group Piece:

Murali Cheeroth:

"Mise-en-scene (love)", Oil on Canvas

Untitled, Mixed Media on Paper

Mona Rai Das:

"Red Gold", Acrylic / Assemblage on Canvas

Amitava Das:

Manisha Parekh:

"Coasters", Watercolour on Coasters

"Caves", Watercolour and Gouache on Arches paper

Charles Green / Lyndell Brown:

"Zeenat Aman: Cave", Oil Paint on Digital Print on Duraclear Film

Rob McHaffie:

"Couple Dipping Toes in The River", Pencil and Gouache on Paper

Jacob Walker:

"Colin McCahon At The Athfield House", Pencil on Cotton Paper

Mithu Sen:



Katherine Hattam: 

Index, Gouache , Charcoal on Book Pages on Paper 

Veer Munshi: 

"Shrapnel", Acrylic, Tea Bags on Handmade Paper

Gargi Raina:

"Listen, To The Gum Tree Bleed", Gouache, Resin ,Bark Feather and Collage on Paper