Arvind Shrivastava

Secretary to Government (Budget and Resources), Finance Department

Mr Shrivastava is presently working as Secretary (Budget and Resources), Finance Department with the State Government of Karnataka. Earlier he worked as Secretary, Urban Development and Managing Director of Karnataka Urban Infrastructure and Finance Corporation. His professional engagement with the urban sector has given him the opportunity to gain an insight into the phenomenon of urbanisation and has also provided Mr Shrivastava with a rich multi-dimensional experience in its various aspects like urban reforms, financing solutions, new service delivery models and project conceptualisation and management. After a basic degree in Engineering from the IIT, he obtained a post-graduate degree in Economics and is presently completing M.Sc.-Finance in Economic Policy.

Research Topic: India's Challenge in managing urbanisation: Bangalore's mega-cities

One of the important challenges for India to sustain its economic growth is to make its megacities competitive to attract and retain capital and labour. Delivering municipal services effectively and efficiently is probably the most significant measure of the same. Water, in particular, is one of the most basic and critical services to be provided by the cities. The present system has many institutional, policy and capacity gaps- lack of focus on service delivery; inadequate technical and managerial capacities; low base tariffs and weak political will to revise it regularly etc. The study intends to analyse the impact of, and propose changes required in the administrative structures, financing methodologies and procurement systems to address these gaps.