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30 September 2012

As I flew from Singapore to Melbourne for my Emerging Leaders’ Fellowship with the Australia India Institute, I had an Australian business person and a young Singaporean PhD student for company. Very soon we struck an animated conversation, which produced some interesting observations and hypotheticals, one of which I would love to share with you...

23 September 2012

This week's blog is an excerpt from Shalini Akhil's novel The Bollywood Beauty. Depicting a young Australian girl of Indian heritage, the novel explores the difficulties in trying to make your nationality and your culture align. The Age called it "a universally appealing novel about identity, flawed families and the struggle to be yourself.”

17 September 2012

As a student of International Relations, I can say no single factor today is shaping global politics more than the spectacular rise of China. Both India and Australia are China’s neighbours and China’s rise presents enormous opportunities as well as potential challenges to both. In their own ways, New Delhi and Canberra are dealing with the greatest geopolitical event of our times.

09 September 2012

This week's blog is a video blog provided by Greg Howard. Inspired by the ‘Beyond the Lost Decade’ report recommending people-to-people gestures of goodwill; Greg Howard and his Indian friends set about producing a fun song in the hope it might inspire and entertain listeners in both Australia where the original was written and India where this version is set. He studied how the song was constructed and then compiled every rhyming Indian city, 94 out of 120, to write his own version.

02 September 2012

Today's blog is by a group called The Curry Cousins who write a fantastic blog about food. The Curry Cousins decribe themselves as avid foodies, photographers, and travelers who keep in contact by writing letters to each other through this blog. Dakhina Mitra lives in Melbourne, Ramit Mitra in Delhi, and Ushmita Sahu in West Bengal, India. The blog today is about a walk hosted by a group called Delhi By Foot who carry out heritage and food walks in Delhi, India. Recently, Delhi By Foot did a walk in the Holy month of Ramzan in 'Old Delhi', the city of Shahjahanabad which showcases a wonderful array of food at this time of year!

27 August 2012

Today's blog is a picture blog, courtesy of Australia India Institute's Fellow Professor John Webb OAM. Professor Webb travelled to Gandhi's Ashram in Ahmadabad and purchased these inspiring and affecting images of Mahatma Gandhi.

20 August 2012

The severe nature of recent widespread power outages across India highlights the stark realities of energy insecurity on the South-Asian subcontinent. The lifeblood of a national economy and a lynchpin issue for development, ensuring greater and more reliable access to adequate energy supply has become a subject of considerable political heft in the region.Even withstanding the vast oil reserves of the Middle East, and Central Asia’s bountiful supply of natural gas, the nations of South Asia have struggled to reconcile rapidly expanding demand with limited domestic production opportunities. Even where reserves exist, as with India’s extensive coal deposits (estimated at approximately 267 billion tonnes), opportunities are limited by the deposit’s high ash content. As a result many nations in the region are increasingly forced to depend on the international energy market to offset shortfalls in domestic production.

12 August 2012

The Australia India Institute at the University of Melbourne launched the Emerging Leaders Fellowship last year with the intent to provide Indian professionals from across sectors an opportunity to engage with Australia by conducting research on issues significant for both countries. 11 such professionals were selected last year from diverse professional backgrounds including journalism, the government, corporate sector and non-profits. In Delhi, India, I work with PRS Legislative Research, an independent non-partisan research initiative that aims to strengthen India’s legislative debate by making it better informed, more transparent and participatory...

06 August 2012

This past week, as part of my research as an Emerging Leaders Fellow at the Australia India Institute, I travelled to Canberra to confer with government officials, foreign-policy and strategic-affairs specialists, and think-tanks. I was attempting to locate Indian and Australian cooperation in the Indian Ocean and the Indo-Pacific region in the coming years.

23 July 2012

A geologist friend of mine said to me recently “you know- Australia and India share the same tectonic plate?” Well this sounded good to me- 60 million years of history sharing the same core ‘glue’ within the earth meant that really we had more in common that the usual rolled out clichés of curry, commonwealth and cricket. I was glad to find currents of commonalities beyond these usual stereotypes.