Deirdre Coleman

Deirdre Coleman is Robert Wallace Chair of English and Deputy Dean, Faculty of Arts, at the University of Melbourne. A graduate of the University of Melbourne, Deirdre obtained a BPhil and DPhil from Oxford University.  She has been a Visiting Fellow at Cambridge University and the University of London, and is due to take up Fellowships in 2014 with the Huntington, LA, and with the Institute of Advanced Studies at Warwick University. In 2011 she was elected to the Council for the Australian Academy of the Humanities.

Deirdre has taught 18th century literature, Romantic and Victorian Literature, Travel writing and travel texts, Bounty Saga, Historical Fiction and Fictional History and her research interests include 18th and 19th century British and Irish literature, science, and cultural history; abolitionism, women’s writing, travel, colonialism (Africa, Australia, India), natural history, racial ideology, the gothic.

Deirdre has authored three books including Romantic Colonization and British Anti-Slavery, Maiden Voyages and Infant Colonies: Two Women’s Travel Narratives of the 1790s, and Coleridge and ‘The Friend’. She has edited and refereed many more publications, and authored many chapters.