Satyajit Ray Memorial Lecture: Evolution of Women in Indian Cinema

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07 May 2013 5:45 pm

The representation of women in Indian cinema offers unique insights into India’s modern history, and the shifting expectations placed upon them, both on screen and off. Join Simi Garewal, one of India’s leading female media figures, as she traces the often painful progress made since the time of 1913’s Raja Harishchandra, when male actors took all the female roles, to today’s more rounded female characters as played by Vidya Balan. Sharing her own incredible experiences – from acting for Satyajit Ray to her role in transforming Indian television – Simi offers unique insights into an industry that, in the wake of the recent shocking crime in Delhi, has been criticised for its patriarchal attitudes. Have the industry, and the country, really moved forward on these issues at all, and is Western cinema really any different?