Tiffin Talk : Building Bridges: how Community Based Health is cultivating communities

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18 July 2013 12:45 pm

In a Tiffin Talk last year, a new initiative started by students at The University of Melbourne partnered with  Dr Moses Kharat, village hero, in Buldhana, a district in rural India, was introduced. This year they returned to share their stories of progress and some exciting updates from the field.

More information on the project can be found here. 

About the Speakers:

Bharat Ramakrishna is the CEO of the Community Based Health Project (CBHP) here in Australia.

Currently completing his final year of medical school, he coordinates the team of dedicated students to engage in cultural exchange and knowledge transfer with the Buldana community. He hopes to one day be a clinician who spends his time helping communities.       


Harry Jennens is the Education Offier of the Community Based Health Project.

He shares stories from a cross-cultural engagement with students at The Nossal High School and how these students are becoming more globally minded through CBHP's engagement. In his final year of medical school he hopes to work in public health and is soon to undertake an elective at The Nossal Institute for Global Health.


Laura Chen is the Water project manager and financial officer of the Community Based Health Project.

She has helped conduct research and coordinate projects promoting sustainable water resource development in Buldana. She is currently studying her second year of Medicine at the University of Melbourne, and hopes CBHP will stimulate global health interest and involvement in more university students.


Kristijan Jovanoski participated in this January's volunteer immersion program and helped to set up a scholarly selective allowing medical students to undertake future research in Buldhana.

He shares stories from a volunteer's perspective detailing progress on the ground as well as the challenges ahead. Currently completing graduate studies in quantum physics, he eventually hopes to find a way to combine his passions for pure basic science and international development.