Tiffin Talk : Going East: Australian cricket and the burning platform

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22 August 2013 1:00 pm

The aftermath of another Ashes to forget may appear to signal doomsday for Australian cricket and has begun to call into question everything that works around the country’s summer sport. Much like happened when the Indian team returned defeated from Australia earlier last year. Yet an initial examination of the ground beneath our feet in Australian cricket reveals both friction and churn; friction between old and new worlds and the churn of a sport whose somewhat truthful clichés need not so much to be ignored as to be taken apart. In the past decade, it was Australia’s cricketing expertise that was relied on as gospel; now the example of others could explain the situation it finds itself in. How did England field a captain called Hussain? Where does India get its feeder talent from? Is it all interlinked? If cricket is the common language between Australia and India, what must they and could they possibly talk about these days?

About the Speaker : 

Sharda Ugra has been a sports journalist for over 22 years in which she has worked across a range of media. Print in tabloid, broadsheet and news magazines, a short stint with radio through the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s overseas service, and for the last two years working full time on the Internet. She is currently senior editor at ESPNcricinfo, the world’s biggest independent single sport website.