Tiffin Talk : How are Indians Positioned in Japan? Anthony D'Costa

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01 August 2013 12:45 pm

This presentation shows India’s engagement with Japan through the lens of the IT industry and the associated international movement of technical professionals. Not much is known about India’s presence in Japan since relatively few Indians emigrate to Japan. However, I would argue that size of diaspora aside, the presence of Indian professionals in the Japanese market is likely to become a key element in the future evolution of the Japanese industry. Given the shortages of professionals in Japan due to aging, declining fertility rate, labor market changes, and changes in lifestyle preferences and India’s quest to become a knowledge powerhouse with substantial software exports, a strong partnership is necessary and inevitable. The presentation brings out the source and pattern of foreign and Indian professionals and students in Japan and their significance to the development of Japanese competitiveness.

About the Speaker :

 Anthony P. D’Costa is Chair and Professor in Contemporary Indian Studies at the  University of Melbourne and formerly the A.P. Möller-Mærsk Foundation Professor in Indian Studies and Research Director at the Asia Research Centre, Copenhagen Business School. He was with the University of Washington for 18 years. Author or editor of eight books on global steel, Indian automobile and IT industries, globalisation, development, innovations, and industrial restructuring. He has been fellows of the Japan Foundation, American Institute of Indian Studies, Fulbright-Hays, Korea Foundation, Social Science Research Council, NY, and UN University’s World Institute of Development Economics Research, Helsinki.