Tiffin Talk: 'A Thousand Oranges: Colonial authority in the Khasi Hills of north-east India' Professor Andrew May

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05 September 2013 12:45 pm

This presentation explores some of the ways in which the Khasi Hills of present-day Meghalaya, in north-east India, were centrally appropriated into networks of colonial knowledge and the exercise of power in the nineteenth century. Through science, survey, law, and religion, British imperialism in the region was situated within a very particular set of interpenetrating historical relationships between various agents including missionaries, botanists, soldiers and administrators. The presentation also reflects on the process and experience of undertaking historical research in the region. 

About the speaker :

Andrew J. May is Associate Professor of History in the School of Historical & Philosophical Studies. He has been published widely as a social historian with a particular interest in urban culture, public space and transnational networks, and as an historian of cultural contact, missionaries and exchange in settler-colonial and other imperial contexts.