Tiffin Talk: The Water Conundrum in India – An Institutional Perspective

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08 November 2012 12:45 pm

Water scarcity is among the main problems that the world faces today. India is no exception, as it grapples with the problem of water shortage in many of its regions, which have led to many conflicts. Inefficiency in water use and irresponsibility in the management of water resources pose a serious threat to our water security and sustainability. Going forward, the availability of water could pose significant challenges for economic growth. Recognising that water problem in India is more institutional than technical. This talk which is based on author’s recently published book IIR 2011 -Water: policy and performance for sustainable development, critically examines the institutional arrangements for sustainable water resource management and evaluates the effectiveness and equitability of the legal framework. Given that only the supply-side approach will not help in meeting future demand, the talk will look at the legal, regulatory, institutional, and pricing mechanisms that will be necessary to efficiently manage and restrain demand.

Dr Piyush Tiwari is Associate Professor of Property at University of Melbourne, Australia. Prior to his current position he was Director of Policy at Infrastructure Development Finance Company (IDFC) India, where he was responsible for formulating policies for private financing of urban infrastructure in close cooperation with national and state governments. Earlier, he was Senior Lecturer (Property) and Program Leader, MSc (International Real Estate Markets) at the Business School, University of Aberdeen, UK. He has held positions at the largest mortgage company in India, HDFC, and the University of Tsukuba, Japan. His research interests include infrastructure policy, housing economics and mortgages, commercial real estate investment, and financing infrastructure in developing countries. He has consulted extensively with agencies like Ministry of Housing and Poverty Alleviation India, state governments in India, Housing and Urban Department, US and RICS. He has published numerous research papers on issues related to real estate and infrastructure. He has published two books titled International Real Estate Economics and India infrastructure Report 2011: Water – Policy and performance for sustainable development.  He is Member, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). His other professional activities include Director, Asian Real Estate Society and Associate Editor, International Real Estate Review.