Joy Purkayastha

Resident Editor, The Times of India, Pune

Joy Purkayastha is Resident Editor at The Times of India, Pune. As a reporter covering the Defence Ministry during the India-Pakistan Kargil war of 1999 for The Indian Express in New Delhi and as an editor at The Times of India managing a team of reporters, copy editors and photographers on the day Pune faced a terrorist attack on the German Bakery in 2010, he has worked all sides of the story. He has tracked the curious tale of the onion from Delhi to Maharashtra — how wild swings in its commodity price caused by fluctuating monsoons and an outbreak of mass hoarding not only hobbled household budgets across the nation, but also rattled governments both central and state. For the past 12 years, he has focused his team’s energies on urban chaos and the treacherous deficiencies in city infrastructure, which lead to disasters like the Mumbai floods of July 2005 or the mundane everyday disaster that is the traffic bedlam of Pune. Over a 17-year career, he has also been a Senior Editor with The Indian Express in Mumbai and Associate News Editor with The New Indian Express in Chennai.

Research Topic: The Happiness Challenge, Lessons from Australia

Happiness surveys place Australia in the top 10 and India in the dismal 100’s. An old Bollywood formula, food+clothing+shelter = happiness, now seems like a socialist trope to an aspirational country that wants good economic growth, expressways, fast cars, international brands and highrises, while still struggling to overcome social disparities. So, what makes Australia different: population size, transparency in governance, ensuring equal opportunities, and access to education for all?