Gigi Scaria in 'The Age'

13 September 2013

By Alexandra Hansen

The Age newspaper has profiled Australia India Institute Artists’ Retreat participant Gigi Scaria and commended his first major Australian solo exhibition Dust.

The newspaper's critic lauds Scaria's photographic depiction of “vast sandy plains and salt lakes stretch[ing] into the distance under an unpolluted sky”. The review notes Scaria's departure from his more usual subjects --  buildings, cities, and other infrastructure -- and embrace of vast landscapes and desert scenes.

''We have an urge to go to these landscapes,'' The Age quotes Scaria as saying. ''It's a symbolic space. I'm trying to connect with the vastness … The landscape in which you feel comfortable might be in your imagination, or seen in a movie, or a place you knew in childhood to which you can never go back.''

Scaria will be presenting a Tiffin Talk at the Australia India Institute on September 26th entitled “Dust: Landscape of the future”. See here for more information and to register.