12 August 2014

With the internet and digital technology transforming the media, STAR TV’s CEO , Uday Shankar, will deliver a public lecture on the challenges and opportunities for the media in this rapidly changing environment. A formidable thought leader who has transformed STAR TV into one of the world’s most successful companies with a social conscience, there is no one better placed to speak on media in the 21st century.

07 August 2014

India and China must resolve the trust-deficit in their ties and invest in creating awareness about each other for a mutually beneficial relationship, a leading thinker and historian has said.

05 August 2014

MELBOURNE: India should develop close ties with countries like Australia, Indonesia and South Africa apart from the US and China to emerge as a true leader in the region, a leading Australian thinker on Indian and Indian Ocean strategic affairs has said.

30 July 2014

The latest volume of the 'Fearless Nadia' papers, written by Ratna Ghosh from McGill University in Montréal, Canada compares multiculturalism in three democratic countries with diverse ethno-cultural populations: Australia, Canada and India.

30 July 2014

MELBOURNE: Assering that Indian youths were intensely concerned about corruption and everyday issues a top academician has said young minds in India were not being effectively used by political parties of NGOs

25 July 2014

MELBOURNE: A first-of-its-kind exhibition showcasing 19 new and original artworks of famous artists from India and Australia has been launched here to revitalise cultural linkages between the two countries.

15 July 2014

Do you shrink away from street food, thinking they are unhealthy and unhygienic? Well, think again, because a well-known Australian culinary historian claims that she found Indian street foods safer than restaurants catering to tourists.

11 July 2014

The new government has delivered its first budget studded with tax breaks, bold structural reforms and tighter spending.

10 July 2014

The dramatic political change in India may speed up reform of education and open up opportunities for Australian providers, says the Australia India Institute’s Amitabh Mattoo

02 July 2014

India won’t achieve its destiny as an emerging global power unless the new government of Prime Minister ­Narendra Modi is able to focus squarely on economic transformation, ­according to senior India experts.