The Ideas Soirée: The TPP, a Tool to Contain or Cooperate with China? Iltija Javed

Professor Amitabh Mattoo In Conversation With Nalin S Kohli

The Ideas Soirée: The Scourge of Underground Economy in India, Mr Ansuman Pattnaik

Tiffin Talk - ‘A dream palace in the intangible night’ Lionel Lindsay in India 1929-1930

Tiffin Talk - Handloomed Cloth Threading Through Indian History, Liz Oley

Tiffin Talk - Contemporary Multiculturalism From Australia To India And Back, Lisa Singh

The Ideas Soirée- Reforming India's Intelligence Apparatus, Dr. Manoj Joshi


Women's Right To The City: Integrating Religion As A Planning Concept In India, Yamini Narayanan

The Ideas Soirée- "The Happiness Challenge- Lessons From Australia", Mr Joy Purkayastha

India Polaroid; Independent Regional Cinema Elbows Bollywood, Meenakshi Shedde

Tiffin Talk - Is the Indian Ocean destined to become India's Ocean? David Brewster

Tiffin Talk - "It's Not Curry Eating India; The Penguin Food Guide to India", Charmaine O'Brien


The Ideas Soirée - "The Curious Case of Farmers' Rights in India", Ms Rajshree Chandra

The Ideas Soirée - "Strengthening of the Tax Base", Mr Amaresh Singh

The Ideas Soirée - "Service Learning in Leading Indian and Australian Schools", Mr Rajesh Santhanam


The Ideas Soirée - "India's Challenge In Managing Urbanization" with Mr Arvind Shrivastava


Tiffin Talk - "What Is This New India?" with Anthony D'Costa


The Ideas Soirée - "Energy For All" with Rohit Kansal


Tiffin Talk - "Women's Empowerment in India" with Ratna Ghosh


Tiffin Talk - "China and India, a Pragmatic Approach to Solve Border Disputes" with Claudia Astarita


Tiffin Talk - "The Aam Admi Party" with Amitabh Mattoo

Tiffin Talk - "Sustainable Water Management: Challenges in India" with KP Sudheer


Tiffin Talk - "Elusive Foreign Policy Consensus" with Varughese George


Tiffin Talk - "India's International Rise" with Chris Ogden


Tiffin Talk - "Pakistan; Failed State or Absence of State?" with Nadeem Malik

Tiffin Talk - "Middle Class India, the Golf Barometer" with Phil Ryan

Tiffin Talk - "Australian-Indian Trauma System Collaboration" with Professor Russell Gruen


Tiffin Talk - "Cricket, Sport & the New India" with Prof Brian Stoddart


"Colonial Authority in the Khasi Hills of North East India" with Professor Andrew May


Tiffin Talk - "India and the International Climate Negotiations" with Professor Robyn Eckersley

Tiffin Talk - "Going East: Australian Cricket and the Burning Platform"


Tiffin Talk - "The Hippy Trail"


Tiffin Talk - "Unfinished Business: Re-imagining the Australia-India Economic Relationship"


Tiffin Talk : How are Indians Positioned in Japan?



Tiffin Talk: From Pariah to Partner India & the International Nuclear Order



Tiffin Talk - "Building Bridges: How Community Based Health is Cultivating Communities"



Tiffin Talk - "Decentralization and Good Governance: The Unfinished Agenda"


Tiffin Talk - "The Green Bus Project" with Dr. Soumitri Varadarajan


Tiffin Talk - "Indian Diaspora in Australia and Racism; A Journalist's Perspective" with Sushi Das